Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ooh, new toy, new toy

Well, here I go. Several years late for this 'blogging' thing, but that's not unusual (I have no i-pod, no camera phone, I still have a record player and write letters to people for christ's sake). But one's inherent sense of self-importance (snarf) means that this seems a natural step. Also place to post pictures. Once I work out how to do that.
did that work?
Anyway. Someone on CIF's WDYWTTA suggested a thread on 'what feminism means to me', and having just been modded from a CIF thread on, er, the 'anti-woman society', maybe that's a good place to start. Will therefore go for a walk, have a bit of a think, and see if I can string a sentence together that doesn't use the phrase 'outlying wackoes', 'hollowed-out volcano', or 'not bloody helping'.
I can't promise anything. Except that I do really try to be nice.