Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Continual Flippin' Changes

So - farewell RDM, thanks for all the fish.

Who next? Twitter abounds with the usual suggestions (Pep, Harry, JT, Roman himself, having a raffle) but there's some other possibilities to consider.

1) A Workers' Collective
John Terry as manager? Way too obvious. Instead, in a neat inversion of the ultra-capitalist approach of the ownership and recruitment at the club, things could settle down if all decisions were taken collectively, one player one vote.  Team selection to be decided by single transferable vote.

2) A Senior Female Figure from the Church of England
After yesterday's vote, there is a significant talent pool arguably over-qualified for the highest position that they can currently take on, so why not? My experience of churches is that all clergy have to deal with petulant childish whining quite a lot of the time (when dropping into Sunday School, at Stewards' meetings, and in any dealings with organists) so man-management shouldn't be a problem. This could also, at a time in which many are growing disillusioned with the Church, reach out to a new potential congregation. More fans in the stands = more money for the transfer kitty.

3) George Entwhistle
He appears very easy to get rid of.

4) A Workfare Placement
Even given RA's massive wealth, this manager turnover must be hitting the bank balance hard, so Chelsea could follow the lead of many well-known high-street names in getting somebody in for free for an 'employment-readiness-training' period of 2-3 months, which frankly would be more than enough.

5) Didier Roustan
Because that would just be superb.