Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pro-Gay Homophobia

So - Joey Barton should come out as gay because...Martin Samuel is an idiot.
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Some years ago, there was that Jan Moir piece that basically said being gay necessarily means having a sleazy life and dying young. That was roundly and rightly ripped apart.
Now, there's a different kind of homophobia around.
Pro-gay homophobia.
Thing is, Samuel probably thinks he's written a positive article about the need for a (male) gay role model in football, with a light 'banterific' touch to show that, y'know, he's cool with teh gay and everything.  It's the sort of thoughtless, apparently positive, comment along the lines of 'gays are so cultured!' or 'every girl should have a gay best friend!' (like they're cool accessories, handbags or those little dogs, or indeed, always men) - 'intellectual and social respectability'? Be gay! Because they're all lovely, and arty, and intellectual, and all.
It's just perpetuating stereotypes, this time with a friendly smile.
Plus - eliding 'speaking in a French accent' with 'being gay', what's that about? Ooh, those French, they're all so gay (this works particularly well with the other prevailing stereotype about mistresses, I think).
This is another instance of the 'just gay enough' / 'metrosexual' thing that equates certain (putatively desirable) attributes with being gay, to the detriment of pretty much everybody. That's so gay! as an attempted compliment. It isn't. Those attributes are not inherently gay, they don't describe all gay people, they continue stereotyping, of both gay and non-gay, and it's just bloody annoying.