Friday, March 29, 2013

Game 30 in Sonnet Form

After Barry Glendenning's rather lovely reading of 'The Guy in the Glass' on this week's Football Weekly podcast (full version is at the end, but, as ever, it's all worth listening to) I was moved to render the weekend's Ligue 1 fixtures in verse.

(No, I don't really do iambic pentameters - but it should work)

(sort of)

The reigning champions meet those in waiting,
The dauphins meet the lioncubs at home;
In the south the bronze meets the fifth-rating,
Both looking to gain ground upon les Gones.
But Saints will have their own battle of Troyes,
Les Dogues will seek to ravage droopy Brest,
The Orient will visit Gillot’s boys,
And after that we’re stuck with all the rest.

The lanterne rouge will meet les Rouges et Noirs,
The Evian waters will seek to drown Reims,
In Corsica, to lose can lead to war,
And Bastia will face th’Athenians.
Attack, defend, attack, defend, attack;
Ligue 1 is back, my friends, Ligue 1 is back.